The holidays are upon us, which can mean many furrowed brows trying to find out what token gift they will give out this year as stocking-stuffers. Something that’s a little more interesting than a coupon book or a lotto scratcher, but also affordable enough that you simply can purchase a couple of of them without having to take part therein other great holiday tradition: unnecessary credit debit.

Includes the NES classic Super Militarized Police Bros 3 


Which is how I came to possess, a minimum of temporarily, one among these cheap handheld multi-games that are everywhere Amazon and eBay. The one I ordered carries the name Weikin, but there are dozens of identical systems available, all being sold at round the same $20 USD price point. With the outward appearance of a squat Game Boy, these systems promise to supply precisely 168 games for your mobile enjoyment, and lots of even include a composite video out cable and external controller for the less ambulatory classic game aficionado. And before we get into those specifics though…the idea behind using such an archaic console just doesn't jibe well with me; some feel like it would be better if Nintendo decided not go down this path entirely, instead giving away its entire library exclusively on consoles released between 1981–1997 (even counting any "Nintendo 64" titles created prior to 2000). But hey! What do ya gotta do? Besides keeping track off old friends while watching movies together….like most people who play videogames have managed to manage ever since their families settled here during World War II, apparently everyone's been living alone up until recently anyways, which means kids' rooms are

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