Advertising is one of the reasons why I feel annoyed when I use my phone. It could be a company, it could be an online shop. Again, any food can be. It's not uncommon to get bored after these arrive. Is there no way to stop these? There are different ways to block these ads on different brands of phones. If you apply those settings through the settings on the phone or some apps, it is possible to close the ad.

Here are some common rules for turning off ads from Android smartphones:

First of all go to setting of your smartphone. then go there and take out ‘Google’. After entering ‘Google’, you have to click on the ‘Ads’ option at the beginning. Clicking on it will bring up an option called 'Ads Personalized', you have to turn it on.

Now you have to reset the option named 'Your Advertising ID'. After resetting the 'Advertising ID' will change. This is what needs to be done in the case of ID. This will get rid of annoying ads.

In addition, the annoying ads can be turned off from the phone's browser. For this, first you have to go to the 'Chrome' browser of the phone and enter the site called 'My Activity'. Once the results come in, go to 'Welcome to My Activity'. After going to it, click on the three scale mark at the top left side of the site.

From there you have to go to the option called 'Activity Control'. After entering there, you will go to the 'Ads' option and 'Ads Rationalization is On'. You need to turn this 'on' off. Then go to settings by clicking on the three dot menu on the top right. Once there, you will see an option called 'Side Settings'. After entering it, go to 'Cookies' and turn on 'Block Third Party Cookies', then the ad will stop coming.

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