The two best video games of the year are lifestyle simulators – how poetic! First up is Persona 5 Royal. You can play as Joker, or a student at Shujin Academy falsely accused of assault. you want to live a student's life, exploring a stunning , aesthetically inventive recreation of Tokyo – get a part-time job, hit the library, do some romancing. If this were all Persona offered, it might still be compelling, a sort of gamified version of an outrageous soap television program or anime. But the Joker and his companions also are superheroes – aided by Pokemon-like companions called Personas they need to invade the minds of adults with evil intent. A deluxe edition remake of 1 of the simplest games of 2017, the bustling streets of a metropolis, unmitigated by quarantines and social distancing, are rendered almost moving now. It stands together of the best JRPGs of all time and therefore the best game of 2020.

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