You will need a gaming mouse to play the game, be it competitive or casual. However, in the case of buying a gaming mouse, we buy the mouse by looking at the RGB lighting and design. But later it was seen that mouse tracking is not good or there is a problem with the mouse button. Although many people are aware of this now, many may not know about it.

Some tips for buying a gaming mouse:

1. Don't buy a mouse by looking at RGB: The first mistake we make is buying a gaming mouse by looking at RGB. Gaming mice are not just for lighting. Although there are many Chinese brands today who market with empty RGB. Check out the other benefits of the mouse first then see if the mouse has RGB lighting as an addition.

2. Learn about mouse sensors: Mouse sensors are an important part of the mouse. Because most of the work is done by the mouse sensor. And if the sensor of the mouse is damaged, the mouse is useless. In addition, the adjustable DPAI feature remains. Generally, well-branded relatively expensive mice like ASUS, Cooler Master, etc. have good quality sensors and adjustable DPI features that can be used to change the DPI of mice through software. Here DPI is Dotts Per Inch. This indicates how sensitive the mouse is. A good sensor also depends on the polling rate of the mouse, which means the performance of the mouse's response. Pixart, Hero, Mercury, Truemove etc. are some good quality mouse sensor manufacturers.


3. Whether the mouse fits your hand: Ergonomics or whether the mouse fits snugly with your hand is a must. If you do not buy the mouse according to the size of the hand, it may be difficult to move the mouse later. The size of the mouse depends on the position and grip of your hand. If you are left-handed, you should check to see if the mouse is suitable for your left hand.


4. What is the type of primary mouse button: The main 3 buttons of the mouse such as right click, left click and middle mouse or scrollbar should see these 3 things. In this case, most mouse manufacturers do not say. But branded companies say what kind of switch their mouse buttons make. The most popular of the mouse buttons is the Omron switch which is widely used.


5. Whether there are additional benefits: Additional benefits should be considered as an additional button on the mouse or whether the mouse can be controlled with software. Also whether it is possible to lose or increase weight, whether the mouse cable is braided or wrapped.

6. Budget: Finally comes the matter of budget. Usually the price of a gaming mouse in the market is after £100 – £150 Logitech LOGITECH G102 LIGHTSYNC GAMING MOUSE RGB 6 BUTTONS 8000 DPI ADJUSTABLE WIRED MOUSE Price is Only £97 To order or see more details visit our store site Serendipity4you

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