Other hardware:

Laptops often need an SD card. For this, make sure that there is an SD card slot with the laptop. If you have this facility, you can access all the files of mobile and camera SD card from laptop without card reader.


The USB port is another important part of the laptop. Data can be transferred through USB port 3 faster than USB 2. For that, you must see if the laptop ports are USB 3 supported.

Moreover, when buying a good quality laptop, it is important to see if the laptop has a backlight on the keyboard. Because if there is a backlight, the buttons of the laptop can be seen clearly even in the dark.

10. Which brand of laptop to buy?

Brand is one of the most important part of buying a laptop. Most people can't make the right decision before buying a laptop, which brand of laptop will I buy or which brand of laptop is the best. In terms of brand, some say Dell is better, some say HP is better, some say ASUS is better, some say ACER and Lenovo are better. A laptop buyer gets confused when he sees various good and bad reviews about laptops.

In terms of brands, I would say directly that the best branded laptops are Apple's laptops. But because the price of Apple laptop is very high, it is out of our reach. Moreover, Apple is not yet officially selling their laptops in our country, so there is a problem in servicing. So I personally am not in favor of buying an Apple laptop.

Currently the best brands of mid-budget laptops are HP, DELL, ASUS and ACER. I personally like the HP ProBook series laptops a little more. Moreover, the ASUS Vivobook series of laptops are now very attractive to look at and the quality ASUS has occupied the 2nd place of my choice.

Also, when buying a laptop, try to find out if the service center of the brand of laptop you are buying is in your city. Otherwise, if there is any problem in the laptop after buying the laptop, you will have to suffer while servicing it.


Reading this post carefully, I don't think there is anything left to know about the way to recognize a good laptop or the features of a good laptop. Those who have read this post carefully will be able to easily buy a good quality laptop without any advice from now on.

If you have any questions about buying a laptop, you can let us know by commenting. Moreover, you can let us know which brand of laptop you like best. Also, be sure to let us know what brand and specification of laptop you are currently using.

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