What kind of laptop to buy?

What type of laptop you buy and how much you buy will depend on your job. If you want to buy a laptop for light work like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet browsing and listening to music and watching videos only for official work, then you need to buy one type of laptop.


Again, if you want to do some heavy work in addition to the above tasks, including photo editing, video editing and light thin game play, you will need to buy another type of laptop. Because photo editing, video editing and light thinning games cannot be done with a normal laptop.

Moreover, if you want to do all the above work as well as heavy games, big graphics, as well as video editing with heavy software, you need to buy the best quality laptop. Also, if you want to use a laptop for 10/12 hours a day, you have to buy a good quality laptop. In this case, of course, your budget will be much higher.

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