What are the features of a good laptop?

There are many types of laptops to consider in order to recognize a good quality laptop. But you can never choose a laptop considering all the features. Moreover, if we discuss all the features here, you will be confused in choosing a good quality laptop.


For that, we will discuss here only the features that are most important and necessary for recognizing a good quality laptop. If you can get a complete idea about all the following things, you can easily buy a good quality laptop by yourself.

1. Processor (CPU)

Processor or CPU is a very important hardware of a laptop. When a buyer buys a laptop, there is a problem in choosing the processor of the laptop. Because there are so many processors and different categories of processors in the market, what kind of processor would be good for a laptop, a person with less experience can not easily understand.

Generally, two types of companies are most popular in the market for computer processors. One is AMD and the other is Intel. We are all more or less familiar with Intel but we don't know much about AMD processors.

Now the question is, will you buy AMD processor or Intel processor? In fact, depending on your budget, will the AMD processor be better for you or will the Intel processor be better?

If your budget is less than 30 thousand, then AMD's processor will be the best for you. Because if you buy an Intel processor laptop for less than 30 thousand rupees, you will not get good performance from that laptop. Because a laptop with AMD processor bought with 30 thousand rupees will give much better performance than 30 thousand rupees Intel processor. So AMD processor will be better for you when you buy a laptop for less than 30 thousand rupees.

On the other hand, if your budget is more than 35 thousand rupees, you can easily buy Intel's processor. Because laptops with Intel processors with a budget of more than 35 rupees will get much better performance than AMD. This is because Intel's processors consume less energy than all other processors.

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