5. Laptop display

The typical 1366 x 768 size display is Half HD and the 1920 x 1080 size display is Full HD. At present there is not much demand for half HD display. When buying a new laptop for him, you must try to buy a laptop with full HD display. If you watch high resolution videos, play games and work on graphics, you will see many clear and bright pictures.


But you don't just have to buy a laptop with a full HD display. When buying a full HD display, it is important to see if the laptop has a graphics card. Because if the laptop with full HD display does not have a graphics card, even though the display is full HD, you will not get the benefit of full HD while watching videos and working on graphics.

Because you need a graphics card to get full HD support. So when buying a full HD laptop, try to buy a laptop that has a minimum 2GB graphics card. However, if you play high resolution games or work in graphics design, if you buy a laptop with a 4GB graphics card, you will get better graphics support.

. Battery capacity

The demand for laptops is so high that laptops can be run anywhere without electricity by charging the battery. You should buy a laptop battery based on the rating given on the laptop battery. Batteries that have 44Wh or 50Wh written on them can save a long time. Check the official document of the laptop to be sure about its battery backup time. Normally try to buy a laptop with 6 to 7 hours backup.

. Laptop size and weight

You need to determine the size and weight of the laptop depending on the type of work you are buying the laptop for. Because if you buy a laptop to work from home, it will be one type of laptop and if you buy a laptop to work outside in different places, it will be another size laptop for you.

For those who usually have to travel around with a laptop at different times and make presentations at different meetings, it is better to buy a light slim slim laptop of a smaller size. This makes it easy to carry and comfortable to use anywhere.

You can buy a 15-inch laptop if you don't usually need to work outside. However, when working outdoors, it is better to buy a 14-inch laptop and a lightweight laptop. Also, if your budget is a little higher, if you can buy a Note Book, it will be easier for you to work outside and carry.

. Operating system (software)

In terms of operating system, I would say it is always best to use Windows operating system. Because it is available to buy at a very low price. Moreover, if you don't want to spend money, you can download it from the internet and use it for free.

However, I would say that even if you spend some money without using a pirated operating system, using the Windows 10 Pro version will give a much better performance when using a laptop. Moreover, if the budget is low, you can use Windows 10 Home.

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