Today I will show you how you can take care of your personal computer.

To get long service with a computer you must need to take care of your computer. If you follow below instruction to take care of your computer.  It will provide you long term service.

Let’s see the way to take care of a Computer.


  • ·         Every 1 or 2 months, open the computer, remove all the parts and put a new one.
  • ·         Remove the ram and wipe with thin cotton and apply again.
  • ·         Do not place anything which will be heavy on the computer.
  • ·         Always shut down the computer once your task finish.
  • ·         UPS should be used so that the computer does not turn off when the power goes out.
  • ·         Should use Antivirus to remove computer VIRUS.
  • ·         Keep the computer in a well-ventilated place.
  • ·         Clean monitors, especially LCD monitors, once a day.
  • ·         Many also keep a separate screen on the CPU while the computer is running, so that dirt does not enter. This causes more damage.
  • ·         Set the image as wallpaper, which gives comfort to your eyes and better for your computer speed.
  • ·         Regularly remove the ‘cooling fan’ and keep it clean.
  • ·         Do not set up Windows Xp frequently. Even if the computer speeds up immediately, it may cause problems later on the motherboard.

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