Fresh Water Fresh clean water is essential to the health of Planet Earth. All mammals and humans need clean water to ensure their daily survival. Yet in this day and age over one billion people do not have access to fresh clean potable water. 

Even though Planet Earth is a blue planet most of the water contained within it is unusable. The seas and oceans which hold most of the planets’ water are saline and cannot be used untreated by humans. Fresh Clean Water 

There is a vast difference between water rich and water poor countries in terms of economic and social society. Water rich countries produce an excess of staple crops enabling them to feed their populations while generating revenue by selling the excess produce on the open markets of the world. Water poor countries efforts in husbandry often fail due to droughts or having rain fall at the wrong time in the growth cycle of the crop. 

Drought and floods often seem to follow each other leaving the governments of these water poor countries with no choice but to import the majority of their food requirements, or let their population go hungry. Water poor countries also tend to have lower literacy rates than their water rich cousins, and tend to fall behind on health and other important life issues. 

Industry needs Clean Water Industry can also affected by the lack of clean water. Most industries need a supply of fresh water to produce their goods while High tech companies are intensive users of clean water to produce electronic chips and components. 

Child mortality rates seem to go hand in hand with the restricted access to fresh water. Most water poor countries are found in Africa and the Middle East but countries with high population growth such as India, China and Indonesia are also finding it difficult to supply all their people with fresh clean water. Countries such as Sudan, and Ethiopia, often do not see natural rain fall for years. 

Solving the pressing problems of the lack of fresh clean water is both difficult, essential and must be applied on a global scale

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